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What we offer

 YASAMERCO GROUP is building a multi-faceted groupCompany across a range of core industries both locally and internationally.

Wheat Field

Agricultural goods trading

Our main goal is to revive the trade in agricultural products between Africa and Europe, as our company has harnessed all its resources, international relations and marketing strategy to achieve this task.

Cargo Ship at the Port

Sea & Land Transportation

 YASAMERCO GROUP can assist and offer some of the best deals for transportation of your goods worldwide. 


Physical commodities trading

 YASAMERCO has invested in a dedicated international Physical commodities trading business, which is gaining momentum around international trade between Europe and Africa, as well as Asia. With Bulgaria fast becoming one of the region’s most significant central distribution hubs for international trade, YASAMERCO is working within this area and continues to seek further opportunities within this market. 


The health and well-being of our population is of importance to us all and is a major area of commercial focus for YASAMERCO. The Group Company has a unique approach to this domain, whereby the full life-cycle of a healthcare projects can be covered, from development and implementation of initiatives through to the implementation of a healthcare strategy and the evaluation and improvement of ongoing operations. YASAMERCO focuses on both product, service, and innovation in the healthcare sector. 

pannels in grass

Renewable energy & efficiency technologies

 Renewable energy is quickly becoming the ideal solution to a growing number of countries, industries, and consumers worldwide. Efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly, it has become a huge part of the world future energy goals. YASAMERCO seeks to evaluate, and be involved in solar, waste-to-energy and other forms of renewable energy and energy efficiency innovations and are firm believers in this paradigm shift. As an equity partner, YASAMERCO also seeks to introduce new energy efficiency technologies for both commercial and residential solutions. 

Circuit Board

Engineering and power consultancy

We are a leading all-in-one engineering and design consultancy in the region with an industry footprint spanning three decades. With our expertise and wide services catalogue, we aim to design, develop and deliver projects that are cut above the rest. 

construction collage.jpg

Construction and real estate development

Our business activities focus on the long term, we are a multi-local and multi-cultural group. 

We deliver a comprehensive array of capabilities in building, civil engineering, MEP and contracting-related specialities (ground technologies, structures, airports, railway, roads and highways, healthcare, hospitality, education, defence, oil and gas).

We believe that beyond economic and financial results, we are committed to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We consider that reaching out to all our stakeholders and engaging in dialogue with them is essential in the conduct of our business activities. Our goal is thus to build long-term value for our customers, stakeholders, partners, employees and for society at large.

pre fabrics.jpeg

Prefabricated construction

Sales, marketing, production, research, development and people-oriented approach to life with our valuable customers are serving our customers.

We offer some of the highest quality prefabricated houses, construction site buildings, social facilities, hospitals, schools, office and living containers, steel construction structures. 

Rolled galvanised sheets are brought to the factory, Roll foam machines can be produced in desired size and profile. The requested material is stacked in pallets and made ready for shipment.

All metal parts used in the production are totally galvanised and have stainless feature.

The building is made of static calculations, taking into account the climatic conditions of the region where it will be installed. As a result of these calculations, production is done completely, using galvanised profile and weedless construction technology.

All of the materials used in container manufacturing are galvanised and produced as one piece and demounted.

Gas Plant

Oil & gas

Banking and finance are an integral part of any community, country, or region. Today we are witnessing one of the most significant changes in Banking and Finance for a generation which presents YASAMERCO with a number of opportunities, some of which we have invested in and we continue to pursue, be these Fintech, trading or new currency initiatives. 

Two Men Shaking Hands

General trading and distribution

We maintain a large in-house data which enables us to quickly source commodities and materials and makes prompt and competitive quotations for any customer requirements with the manufacturer’s information and specifications. 

British Pound Coins

Banking & Finances

 The field of Oil & Gas is one of the largest industries in the world, generating huge income and supporting many millions of jobs throughout the world. YASAMERCO is an active participant in this field, with a controlling equity position in a thriving on-shore and off-shore oil & gas services company based in Bulgaria. The Group Company also has few joint ventures in the distribution of LNG & SNG in addition to the provision of EPC works. 

Typing on a Computer

IT Services

Yasamerco Group is a leading, independent, global Information Technology (IT)  and Critical Systems Engineering (CSE) Consulting company specialising in providing holistic solutions for Mission Critical projects, typically within the financial services, commercial and government sectors.

Our IT and Data Centre consultants have many years of experience within the IT and Engineering industry and this includes managing project life cycles from Strategy Development, Due Diligence through to Detailed Design, Implementation and Close Out. Our consultants are experienced in the inter-dependencies of the various elements of a project, such as Construction, M&E, Electrical, Architecture and IT Design, and how all these elements interact in any project. With this level of expertise and experience, clients are assured that the YASMERCO team will hit the ground running and execute with precision and professionalism.

Yasmerco’s commitment to excellence is unparalleled and our professionals are leading experts in their respective fields. Whilst our core strategy ensures that we match experts from our resource pool to cover each technology commission, we maintain overall control and coordination through our service delivery managers (SDMs) and via interaction at the consultancy level with our client.

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